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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Evaluating Atlanta First Basemen

Its time for First Basemen evaluations. But, first off the Braves finished their trade for Mark Kotsay. Mark Kotsay and cash for Joey Devine and Jamie Richmond. Both RP, Devine is projected to be a closer in the future and Jamie is projected at best as a #5 or spot starter in a rotation.

And the Tigers inked Nate Robertson for $21 million and Dontrelle Willis $31 million both for 3 years. Both of these are great signings and I must admit that DD is doing very well and showing why the Tigers and Dombrowski are both elite in baseball either as a team and in the front office. Nate's contract buys out two years of arbitration and one year free agency. The same goes for Dontrelle. The move solidifies the rotation with 4 pitchers set for the next 3 seasons in the rotation. Now onto 1B men.

First Basemen- Atlanta Braves

1. Mark Teixeira 2007 Combined Stats- .307 AVG, 30 HRs, 105 RBIs, .971 OPS, .995 FPCT

Mark Teixeira is by far probably the best first basemen in the game today. Tex has a outstanding bat and usually a nice glove. Tex is a nice switching hitting power and hit for average hitter. With Chipper Jones in front of him and McCann behind Tex has some really awesome power and an awesome chances to be a premium player. Tex in 2008 will be a foundation for the Braves organization. Talks of an extension is hopeful but with Boras as his agent talks are only in the preliminary stage. Tex is an all star type caliber player and will push to be the best he can for his possible FA year in '09. While he is still a Brave Atlanta wants to push themselves into the playoffs for the first time since '05. Tex will improve and be absolutely the glue that holds the Braves offense together in '08.

2008 Projected Stats: .310 AVG, 41 HRs, 120 RBIs, 1.000 OPS, .997 FPCT.

2. Scott Thorman 2007 stats- .216 AVG, 11 HRs, 36 RBIs, .652 OPS, .991 FPCT

Scott was supposed to be LaRoche v2.0. Things are different now. Thorman was platooning with Wilson after the LaRoche trade. Thorman nor Wilson were produce at any level both were at the mendoza line. With LaRoche also having trouble with platooning the Braves got rid of Wilson to let the (at the time) soring Thorman hit everyday. Thorman instead went into a slump and thus the Braves picked up Julio Franco and later Mark Teixeira. Thorman should report to Spring Training as a backup on the bench to 1B Mark Teixeira and a power hitter off the bench. He should end up plateauing with his statistics neither really improving nor decreasing.

2008 Projected Stats: .230 AVG, 10 HRs, 29 RBIs, .650 OPS, 2 Errors

Tomorrow I'll evaluate the Detroit Tigers 1B men.


D'Andre Williams said...

I doubt that Tex will hit .310 next season.

Stephen Crane said...

Ahh you never know DW. The way things are setting up for him. And him wanting a huge Payday for his FA year hes going to do everything in his power. He will have a career year next year. That will be why we will have a hard time signing him next year.