Do the Detroit Tigers make the Playoffs with that 2-10 record on 4-13?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Being Humble

Ok this will be a quick update since this is Sunday. And this is supposed to be the day of rest.

Atlanta Braves

This week has been a bunch of ups and downs this week. They opened the week up in Colorado and lost 3 games straight. Most of them by one run. Jair had a bad outing and the Braves spoiled Glavine's 2 hit outing. After Colorado (which had one game SNOWED out) the Braves visited the nations' capital. And they won one close game, and just smashed the Nationals in yesterday's game. Frenchy had a 3-for-5 day with 2 HR and a career high 7 RBIs. While Tim Hudson had a fantastic night allowing only 2 hits no runs 5 Ks. John Smoltz had a similar line. The Braves are 5-6 overall and look good pitching wise and lineup wise.

Detroit Tigers

I will only say 1 phrase/sentence for the Tigers. Aweful, Pathetic Disappointing $135 million Team. God aweful performances. I don't know they just are really sucking right now. And I don't see this team turning any corner until they start hitting consistently. Only bright spot has been JV with his great outings except for last sunday night. But being left out to dry yesterday. Edgar Renteria and Brandon Inge have been hitting pretty good. Inge with a team high 7 RBIs. And of course the rookie phenom Clete Thomas and his nice lead off batting. Walks, singles couple of doubles and sac. bunts he's our man. Otherwise this whole team sucks and will stay that way until we got some solid pitching outings and a lot more hitting.


Tigers: 2-10 Last place
Braves 5-6 3rd place

Saturday, April 5, 2008

WOW What a Saturday Up and Down!

The Title says it all. The Braves had a fantastic day and won over the NL East favorites NY Mets, 11-5. While the Favorites to win the WS or at least the AL Central the Detroit Tigers, lost to the Chi White Sox 5-3 in a heart breaker. First off the disappointment, the Tigers.

The Tigers entered the Game, 3 back of the Royals and Indians. And they stayed there as the Chicago W. Sox won and switched with the Indians for first place. The Tigers scored first with a double from Brandon Inge scoring Jaques Jones. After that, next time around Jones drew a walk and Inge again launched a bomber for a 2 run Home Run. After that Willis just kept on going with the wildness. 7 walks and 1 hit with 3ER through 6IP. That will not win ball games. The Bullpen once again gave up 2 ER and didn't help the Tigers cause. The Tigers 2 through 7 hitters were only 3-for 28 which is again insane for what our payroll and lineup potential is. The Tigers hitting has got to get started, the Tigers are on the verge of starting out 0-9 if we go into Boston without a win. Boston has far more superior pitching then KC and CHW combined. The Tigers need to wake up and get motivated because right now, it looks like they are just there to collect their paychecks. It's like the swings are lazy, wild, and just overall a don't care attitude.

The Braves on the other hand had a excellent game going before the blow out in the 7th inning. The Braves' Tim Hudson threw 6 innings and only gave up 3 ER which against the lineup packed Mets is pretty darn good. It was very good small ball playing today as the Braves got 5 Runs scored on 5 different singles or sac flies. Then the 7th came. The bases were loaded after a McCann double and walk from Prado with a single from Frenchy. And Kelly Johnson who is injured takes a full count out of the ball park for Grand Slam Home Run. Kelly smacked the ball deep the right hand corner. After that some more small ball was added as the Mets added 2 in the 8th and the Braves answered right back with Tex and McCann and a double by Frenchy. Frenchy scored once but drove in 3 runs today. I think the Mets are in trouble without Pedro they only have one proven vet of Santana and maybe Maine with two rooks. It'll be tough in the NL East but it should be between the Mets and the Braves all season. And the Braves will win the NL East in the last week of the season.

NL East
Atlanta Braves record: 2-3 Tied 3rd place

AL Central
Detroit Tigers record: 0-5 5th place

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Tigers 0-4 and Braves 1-3

Well this is avery very bad start for both of these VERY talented teams. I guess I'll tackle the Braves first.

The Braves had a very good first 4 games losing all 3 games by 1 and winning a game by 7 lol.

First off Jair Jurrjens was just great. The Tigers traded him and Gorkys for Renteria this off season. And boy with his spring and his first start he is looking just awesome. His 5 Ks in 5.2 IP was a very nice start. The Braves bullpen has been sketchy at best, Bennett Moylan and Soriano have been pretty stellar except for Moylan's walk off homerun to the Nationals on opening night. But Others in the bullpen such as Acosta, Ohman, and Resop have been pretty bad. Acosta's bad first night and mediocre second and third nights doesn't help his cause. The rookie Resop is for some strange reason being used a lot and has 2 of the Braves 3 loses.

Going to the Braves offense a slow start has disappeared. Scoring 11,10 and then 3 runs a piece in games 1 and 4 aren't too bad. Texiera has been on a slow start with a Homer and only a couple of hits. Escobar, Diaz, Chipper have been carrying the offense these first 4 games. Diaz is 5-for-17 with a HR and 4 RBIs. That is outstanding considering he was supposed to platoon this year with Brandon Jones. Escobar is 6-for-16 with a HR and 6 RBIs. Yunel is filling in Renteria's shoes just fine as he has added some pop to his offense. Chipper is 8-for-18 and a HR and 6 RBIs as well. Chipper will be close to the MVP for the NL if he keeps this up. And he will be a great asset if he stays healthy.

Hampton being scratched from the start is also not surprising but it hurt. With Hampton out the Braves loss one of their strong veterans. With James being activated for Hampton with Mike going on 15-day DL the Braves rotation becomes weaker. Glavine did great with a 5 IP, 3Ks, and only 2ER. Along with Hudson pitching 7 IP, 3Ks, 2ER. Both of these pitchers did great. Hudson pitched like a CY Young award winner. Glavine pitched just smoothly. And proved he still has some fuel in his tank.

Now on to the winless Tigers. Several sites have picked the Tigers to win it all. Well with a $100 million lineup the Tigers very VERY surprisingly have started out with being swept by the Royals and losing today to the White Sox to open up at 0-4 record. There are many reasons why this has happened.

The Offense and their $100 million lineup is really starting to scare us. In the first four games the Tigers have scored only 10 runs. Most of the heart of the lineup is only 4 for 28 with 7 walks.
The rest of the Tigers are not very good. The leadoff position shared between Clete Thomas and Edgar Renteria, have gone 8-for-17 with 2 RBIs. And Brandon Inge has gone 4-for-12, which has been a great surprise. While Carlos Guillen has gone 5-for-13 with 3 walks and a HR.

The Rotation has arguably been the best part of the team excluding Nate's performance today. Bondo, Verlander, and Rogers have combined for 8 runs total from all of them. All of them have gone a total of 18.2 IP and have at least 3Ks except for Bondo who only has struckout 1 batter.

The Bullpen is the worst thing next to last years bullpen. It was and still is ablaze. Grilli let the lead go in the first game with 1ER and on three day rest, gave up 3 runs today. Seay, Lopez and Bautista along with Jones have been great. The have combined for 1ER. Miner has allowed 2 runs but still is throwing pretty nicely.

Things really need to shape and start up for both of these teams. There still a ton of games left in teh season but right now the Tigers need all the luck in the world otherwise we might be waiting for the 2009 season sooner rather then after October. As for the Braves they are in better shape besides going 1-3. The bullpen and rotation look pretty good and the offense should click almost every game for at least 4-5 runs.

2008 Standings through 4/4

0-4 Detroit Tigers- 5th place AL Central
1-3 Atlanta Braves- 5th place NL East

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Evaluating Tigers First Basemen

The Detroit Tigers have a familiar face manning first base this year. Guillen moves from SS to 1B to help his ailing knees and help make him more of a power hitter. Here are my evaluations.

First Basemen- Detroit Tigers

1. Carlos Guillen 2007 stats- .296 AVG, 21 HRs, and 102 RBIs, .859 OPS, .955 FPCT

Carlos will be the first to admit he wasn't pleased to be manning first base a year before he was thinking about moving over there. Guillen also said he would only move if they got a All-Star or Gold Glove defender replacing him at SS. Well Guillen did make the move to first base for the upcoming '08 season and replacing him is All-Star Gold Glover Edgar Renteria. Guillen got his wish(good replacement at SS and his contract) and now will man first base for the rest of his Tiger contract. Guillen's experience as a SS will provide added range at the 1B position. First, His contact bat,hitting for AVG will undoubtedly be needed as Guillen is to bat probably 6th. His display of possible power surge at the end of last season should continue to grow as he rests his knees playing first. Rod Allen and Dan Dickerson say that Guillen is expected to be a possible Gold Glover next year because of his years covering SS. His range is phenomenal and will be quite good this great offensive team. Secondly, moving to first will rest Guillen's knees and maybe provide him with some 1B power in his bat so his numbers will increase at this position. Lastly, with his knees resting the DL shouldn't be a common cause for the ailing knees of Guillen. With Guillen's range and possible increase in his power he should turn out to be one great first basemen in the AL if not the best.

2008 Projected Stats: .302 AVG, 25 HRs, 109 RBIs, .921 OPS, .995 FPCT

2. Marcus Thames 2007 stats- .242 AVG, 18 HRs, 54 RBIs, .776 OPS, .975 FPCT

Marcus Thames should be named as the backup first basemen for the Tigers as soon as Spring Training begins. Thames a power hitter in his own right, hit 18 HRs in only 86 Games and half of those games he only pinch hit. With Thames being a power hitter he K's a lot and also has a low OBP and AVG. Even with these added disadvantages Thames continues to be a force to be reckoned with and Marcus should be great again this year. With Guillen more then likely needed days off to rest his knees and Jaques Jones needing a platoon partner(JJ can't hit LHP for jack), Thames should be getting a ton of playing this year. Both as a 1B and LF. Thames in '08 should still improve his number as he is entering the prime of his career.

2008 Projected Stats: .243 AVG, 22 HRs, 58 RBIs, .776 OPS, .985 FPCT

In a few days I will start with our Atlanta Braves 3rd Basemen and Shortstop.

Evaluating Atlanta First Basemen

Its time for First Basemen evaluations. But, first off the Braves finished their trade for Mark Kotsay. Mark Kotsay and cash for Joey Devine and Jamie Richmond. Both RP, Devine is projected to be a closer in the future and Jamie is projected at best as a #5 or spot starter in a rotation.

And the Tigers inked Nate Robertson for $21 million and Dontrelle Willis $31 million both for 3 years. Both of these are great signings and I must admit that DD is doing very well and showing why the Tigers and Dombrowski are both elite in baseball either as a team and in the front office. Nate's contract buys out two years of arbitration and one year free agency. The same goes for Dontrelle. The move solidifies the rotation with 4 pitchers set for the next 3 seasons in the rotation. Now onto 1B men.

First Basemen- Atlanta Braves

1. Mark Teixeira 2007 Combined Stats- .307 AVG, 30 HRs, 105 RBIs, .971 OPS, .995 FPCT

Mark Teixeira is by far probably the best first basemen in the game today. Tex has a outstanding bat and usually a nice glove. Tex is a nice switching hitting power and hit for average hitter. With Chipper Jones in front of him and McCann behind Tex has some really awesome power and an awesome chances to be a premium player. Tex in 2008 will be a foundation for the Braves organization. Talks of an extension is hopeful but with Boras as his agent talks are only in the preliminary stage. Tex is an all star type caliber player and will push to be the best he can for his possible FA year in '09. While he is still a Brave Atlanta wants to push themselves into the playoffs for the first time since '05. Tex will improve and be absolutely the glue that holds the Braves offense together in '08.

2008 Projected Stats: .310 AVG, 41 HRs, 120 RBIs, 1.000 OPS, .997 FPCT.

2. Scott Thorman 2007 stats- .216 AVG, 11 HRs, 36 RBIs, .652 OPS, .991 FPCT

Scott was supposed to be LaRoche v2.0. Things are different now. Thorman was platooning with Wilson after the LaRoche trade. Thorman nor Wilson were produce at any level both were at the mendoza line. With LaRoche also having trouble with platooning the Braves got rid of Wilson to let the (at the time) soring Thorman hit everyday. Thorman instead went into a slump and thus the Braves picked up Julio Franco and later Mark Teixeira. Thorman should report to Spring Training as a backup on the bench to 1B Mark Teixeira and a power hitter off the bench. He should end up plateauing with his statistics neither really improving nor decreasing.

2008 Projected Stats: .230 AVG, 10 HRs, 29 RBIs, .650 OPS, 2 Errors

Tomorrow I'll evaluate the Detroit Tigers 1B men.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Evaluating Tigers Catchers

Time for the Tigers to get evaluated. Before that the Braves made a move to improve CF for 2008.They traded Joey Devine for Mark Kotsay and cash. This deal isn't too bad. Both Blabberin Braves and Talking Chop have the inside scoop. They don't like the trade at all. Braves fans were all complaining about a experienced CF now we have one at a cost, yes, but Wren did what a lot of braves fans were complaining about, saying that CF was not being maned right and obviously Wren did the right move in NOT rushing a possible 5 tool prospect to the Majors. Schafer will man CF maybe by the all star break or maybe by Sept depending on how Kotsay is, but I don't think rushing Schafer is the right move or being fair to Schafer expecting him to be mister incredible only after playing in A ball. He will be a great star soon but don't rush him because of his potential to be a star(ex. Cameron Maybin DET Tigers had a horrible debut this year with errors and not much more then a SB threat if he got on base.) And he was the same as Schafer A ball only with limited AA play.

Overall I give the trade a B-. we need a stop gap experienced CF and the trade is on hold and unless the braves are 100% happy with the physical and health results then the trade is off. we have to accept the trade and hopefully Kotsay will be good to go this year. If not then Schafer, Anderson , and Blanco will be grabbing for playing time in CF. Blanco and Anderson first then Schafer(still needs much seasoning hasn't played above A ball)

CATCHERS- Detroit Tigers

1. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez 2007 stats- .281 AVG, 11 HRs, 63 RBIs, .714 OPS, .993 FPCT

Pudge had another down year in '07. Pudge had his option picked up this year because of the bad market for Catchers via FA. His career numbers show that he deserved the $13 million option but his '06-'07 numbers showed something else- a decline. No matter what people think Pudge will do everything in his power to make sure that his stats are prime for his 2009 FA market. And he knows that the catchers market is bad since there are more and more catchers awful catchers that his experience and veteran ship will be sought after in '09. Pudge will want to carry at least a 4 year package to get himself to playing to he is 40 and maybe surpass everyone on the number of games caught by the time he retires. I'm looking for Pudge to rebound and get that major 4 year+ deal in the off season so he can play til he is 40. Pudge in '08 will reflect his '06 numbers and he will be a major part of the Tigers dangerous lineup in '08.

2008 projected stats: .301 AVG, 13 HRs, 70 RBIs, .775 OPS .997 FPCT

2. Vance Wilson 2007 injured season~'06 stats- .283 AVG, 5 HRs, 18 RBIs, .745 OPS, .997 FPCT

Vance did not play in '07 because of a torn muscle in his forearm. We were disappointed as was he. In '06 Wilson along with many Tigers had a grand year. his .283 Average was pretty nice considering he is primarily a backup player. Wilson will make the team in '08 easily. Unless he is at risk for an injury he should be the backup opening day. Wilson will regress being out of action for a season but not by much. And this beats paying 5+ million to other catchers that are really declining like Olivo, and La Duca. Wilson is a nice backup with some pop and good hitting off the bench. He is the right choice for Pudge's '08 backup.

2008 projected stats: .250 AVG, 4 HRs, 19 RBIs, .650 OPS, .997 FPCT

3. Dane Sardinha 2007 AAA stats- .202 AVG, 10 HRs, 47 RBIs, .580 OPS

Dane will more then likely serve as a emergency backup in case Wilson cant make a comeback or Pudge or Wilson are injured during the season. His stats aren't all that eye popping. Some will say he is a sort of Andruw Jones with all pop and no OBP. While I wouldn't mind him backing up the main catcher whom ever it would be (depending on who is injured) no way does he make it on the opening day roster or make a good starting catcher someday in Detroit.

2008 projected AAA stats: .200 AVG, 11 HRs, 50 RBIs, .550 OPS

Tomorrow I'll start on the Braves Corner fielders of the diamond.